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KSNM is looking country wide distributor for all the countries and state wide distributor for all states in India.

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DRIP TAPE is very simple and affordable by small farmers.   KSNM removes the entry barrier for small farmers to adopt drip irrigation technology.  Water flows like a jet instead of drop by drop as seen in the photo.  There is no dripper in the tube.   Instead, simple holes are made to drip water.  Hence clogging problem will never come.  No blockage of simple holes.    Suitable for above ground installation.

KSNM offers Do It Yourself DRIP KIT forr 500 sqm, 1000 sqm, 2000 sqm, 4000 sqm and 10000 sqm.   PVC Pipes are not part of the kit.     Very easy to install.  No professional is required to install the Drip Kit.  

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