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  1. What is the main advantage of KSNM Drip Tape?
    There is NO clogging problem. Water flows continuously like a jet. Water does not drip as drop by drop.
  2. What is the kind of dripper used in KSNM Drip Tape?
    There is no dripper at all. Only simple holes are made for water to flow. This avoids blockage of holes.
  3. How do you ensure uniform flow of water?
    Nano Punching Technology is being used to make holes in the drip tape. This ensure precise holes and hence flow of water.
  4. What is discharge rate of water per hour, operating pressure and life of Drip Tape?
    Discharge is 9 liter per hour approximately. Operating pressure is 1 kg / cm2. Expected life is 4 years.
  5. What is the raw material used to manufacture KSNM Drip Tape?
    We use virgin material combination of LLDPE, LDPE and Carbon Black
  6. Can the drip tape be used in sub-soil?
    No. KSNM Drip Tape is meant for only above soil laying. It can not be used under surface.
  7. Do you have all the accessories for the drip irrigation system?
    Yes.  We manufacture all the accessories like connectors, venturi, filters etc.
  8. What is Drip Kit?  
    DRIP KIT is  "Do It Yourself Kit".   All the components required for field area is included in the kit.   No professional is required to install. 
  9. What are the field areas for which Drip Kit is available?
    Drip Kit is available for 500 sqm, 1000 sqm, 2000 sqm, 4000 sqm, 10000 sqm.    You can buy any of these sample kit to understand the KSNM Drip Tape and fittings.   After getting convinced, individual components can be purchased as per requirements.
  10. What is the laying length of the Drip Tape?
    45 cm drip hole spacing    -  20 meter length                 60 cm drip hole spacing   -   25 meter length
    75 cm drip hole spacing    -  30 meter length                 90 cm drip hole spacing   -   35 meter length
    If the laying length is more, then discharge variation comes.
  11. What is the thickness and size of the Drip Tape?
    The standard manufacturing thickness is 250 micron ( 10 mil )  and size is 16 mm
  12. Is it possible to fold the drip tape?
    Yes.  Drip Tape can be folded easily.  Whenever the field is to be prepared for the next crop, the drip tape can be folded and kept near the main line.    After field preparation, it can be unfolded without any damage to the drip tape.
  13. What is RAIN HOSE?
    Rain Hose is a flexible hose with pattern of holes for spraying of water.   The entire field becomes wet.    It has 350 micron thickness and 40 mm diameter.   Expected life is 4 years.   Operating pressure is 1 kg / cm2
  14. What is the discharge of water for Rain Hose?
    Discharge rate is  1 liter per meter per minute approximately at 1 kg / cm2 pressure.   For a laying Rain Hose length of 50 meters it is 50 liters per minute and for one hour the discharge is 3000 liters.
    Spray Irrigation Kit is a "Do It Yourself kit".   It uses Rain Hose for spraying of water.   Its available for different field areas - 500 sqm, 1000 sqm, 2000 sqm, 4000 sqm, 10000 sqm.   All the accessories required to connect Rain Hose is included in the Kit.  Only PVC pipes are required.   This product is a great boon for farmers.   We recommend you to buy a SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT to understand about the KSNM Rain Hose and the associated fittings better by installing in a small area.   We are confident that you will be convinced and go for a bigger area.
  16. Can you manufacture according to our specified thickness and size?
    Yes.   Minimum order value - USD 25,000 with advance payment.     Email:  md@ksnm.in
  17. Can you manufacture in our brand name?
    Yes.   Minimum order value - USD 150,000 with advance payment.     Email:  md@ksnm.in
  18. What is the Bank Detail for direct transfer of payment into your account?
    Direct bank transfer can also be done.   Information should be mailed to   info@ksnm.in       Bank details are given below:
    Name of the Bank                  -    Indian Overseas Bank,   RS Puram Branch, Coimbatore, INDIA.
    Name of the account            -    KSNM Marketing
    Account Number                    -    0079 0200 000 2707 (15 digits)
    IFSC Code                                  -    IOBA 000 0079
    Swift Code                                 -    IOBA INBB 079

  19. Do you have PayPal account to transfer foreign currency?
    Yes.  Kindly see the menu bar and click  EXPORT.    Our PayPal Email  ID:  md@ksnm.in
    Non-Indian customers can do online shopping through PayPal.
  20. How do you support non-Indian customers?
    KSNM recommends non-Indian customers to buy SPRAY IRRIGATION KIT - 500 sqm  and DRIP IRRIGATION KIT - 500 sqm initially.   This "Do It Yourself  Kit" is available for different field sizes with all the required components.     This sample order will give a very clear idea about all the components and to understand our simple technology.   The cost of the kit and TNT courier cost is indicated separately under .  Kindly see the page under EXPORT.    It is door delivery.   The bigger order will be shipped through sea and will take more time for delivery and costs very less.   We are confident you LOVE our products.   Click the PayPal in the menu bar.    You may also transfer the payment direct to our bank account given in the FAQ.
  21. Is it possible to buy the products online?
    Yes. Online shopping is available.   Within India shipping is FREE.   The consignment will be sent to the nearest parcel service and you can collect from there.   Transport details will be provided to you. 

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